'What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?'

My wish is that every child is seen exactly as it is. If I can contribute to that, I will do that with love! 

 'Lets make them fly!'

 Does your child  experience problems in his or her development? Does he or she feel sad, angry or anxious most of the time? Does he or she have high self-expectations or is he or she unhappy? 




Personal & individual coaching for childeren and teenagers

 After an intake (free of charge and without any obligation) a customized offer is created. This can consist of one or more individual consultations or a coaching trajectory. Along with the child, we will explore his or her talents, qualities and own possibilities. He or she will learn different skills to handle difficult situations and how to use them effectively. We will also be working on how to achieve a positive mindset.



Training for childeren & teenage girls


Praktijk OOK offers various types of training to strengthen ones resilience and self-esteem, to increase ones social skills and how to deal adequately with emotions.  All trainings are  offered individual or as a group, privately or at schools.  

upbringing advice

 Coaching for parents & upbringing advice

 I trust in everyones strenght, both parent and child. Sometimes it is just hard to find the right path. I will help you find the correct approach and guidance for your child. You will be able to look at your own behavior, free of judgement.You will be able to really see your child. One consultation is often enough to get you started.

Praktijk OOK staat bij de Kamer van Koophandel geregistreerd onder KvK-nummer 71958371